Case Histories

Just some instances of how Wendy has been able to help people suffering from emotional issues ...

Confidence - Public Speaking

A young client came to see Wendy because she lacked confidence. She was starting college to train as a nursery teacher but suffered a fear of reading aloud in front of people.

By the end of the session, this client had the confidence to read a book aloud in front of a small audience - something she would never have done before. She left feeling very happy and confident. She has since gone to college and is doing well - her issue with reading aloud having been completely overcome.

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Weight loss

Wendy has had many excellent results with people wanting to lose weight.  She always investigates the root cause and works accordingly. The cause can often be deep-rooted like a lack of confidence or past hurts causing comfort eating.

Arachnophobia (Spider Phobia)

One lady came to see Wendy with an intense fear of spiders. Within minutes of tapping away (Emotional Freedom Technique) the fear had completely gone.

Weight Issues and Cravings

One lady came to see Wendy as she was struggling to lose weight and was comfort eating (a very common occurrence).

Wendy soon established that the client had a craving for cheese and discovered that was where the root of her problem lay. Wendy eliminated the craving for cheese and the client has since successfully lost weight and - of course - the craving for cheese has completely gone.